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there is more weather on the board as we go into tomorrow night and into early saturday, but for now enjoy a very pleasant valentine's evening. you may want to get the warm weather gear. help mentioned in in his address -- he mentioned it in his state of the union address. now he is making it clear when it comes to preschool. the push to make preschool available to all families. >> reporter: these pre-k students outside atlanta today got a surprise and very high profile visitor. president obama headed to georgia to launch a push for early childhood education, including nationwide publicly funded kindergarten. >> let's make sure none of our kids start out a step behind. let's make it a national priority to give every child access to a high quality early
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education. >> reporter: in his state of the union address tuesday, the president held up georgia's pre-k program as a model for the rest of the nation, that parents should have access to the same educational opportunities. >> the size of your paycheck shouldn't determine your child's future. so let's fix this. >> reporter: but the white house didn't put a price tag on how much this with cost to do that. republicans have slammed it as too expensive and an overreach by the federal government. >> we don't need dictates from washington, d.c. intervening and mandating. >> reporter: the obama administration said government investment at that young age pays off significantly down the road. educators like paige agrees. >> regardless of the background of the child, regardless of the income, there is a positive
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effect. it's saving us money in what we're not spending in the future. >> reporter: but president obama will need help from governors and congress. >> the president has had a tough time getting the secretary of state confirmed. they have foiled attempts to confirm chuck hagel, denying him the 60 votes needed. the nomination is hardly dead. it looks increasingly likely that the democrats will be able to muster the needed votes but they will have to take a 10-day recess. again. the republicans have blocked cluck hagel from being confirmed. today is the day that singles tend to go looking for love. >> but you also want to stay safe and in the fall for a scammer on the web. make sure you guard your heart. never give out personal information to someone until
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you've met face to face. do your due diligence first. google potential dates. find out what you can about their background. keep high standards, and also make sure you check in with the reputable data sites only. steer clear of apps with compatible tests. they tend to have fees. if you're looking for unconditional love, dogs and cats are the perfect partners. >> there's a valentine's day adoption special. from now until sunday, the adoption fee is being reduced to $44. >> just trying to share the love. we know that animals bring a lot of families that may be circumstance may be depressed, even people with autism. it brings them so much happiness. >> isn't that pup cute?
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that is ginger. she is one of the animals up for adoption. it includes all the shots and a flap and tick treatment. >> there you go ginger. all right. if you keep personal information on your cell phone, a password may not be enough to keep it safe. >> if you're looking to ditch your pc for a pack, there's a lower cost option. >> take a look at this wintry postcard shot early this morning in mt. airy, summit ridge. it all melts away. would you. what a day of changing february weather. we have more changes as we move into the weekend. your most accurate forecast is weeks away.
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the dow jones is down 9. the nasdaq is up a little bit, 1.78. the s&p 500 is up just barely over one. >> just because your iphone it password protected, that dhopts mean someone can't gain access to it. the security flaw is in the iphone 5. it can be exploited on phones running on the most recent apple
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operating system. the passwords can be hacked allowing someone to make calls, listen to your recent messages and mess up your contacts. apple is expected to issue an update to fix the problem. the companies behind corona and budweiser are changing the merger. they are requiring the mexican brewer, the terms to be altered to please the regulators. the two beer makers cell about 46% of u.s. sales. revised decision would have to constellation brands. apple is cutting the price of the lowest and mac book pro by $200. it will come down to $1499. the company is also updating the processors of its larger mac
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books. his story of evercoming adversity inspired us. new an like athlete has been arrested for murder. details on the allegations. how much is valentine's day going to cost you this year? we're breaking out how much people are shelling out to have a happy valentine's night.
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all right. start off with a look at maryland's most powerful radar. crystal clear. looks like you'll have great weather as you head out the door with your sweetheart. 47 degrees. winds are northwest at 5. days getting longer. sunset past 5:45.
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you can see chilly conditions, mid-40s. as we go past this into our cameras you can see blue skies. a little bit of a slushy coating that did create icy problems, especially around anne arundel county. the same deal in dundalk. how about one more camera in towson at loch raven tech. so we stay clear, light breezes. conditions are very pleasant, still in the upper 40s, but changes ahead. clear and dry for now. we're in a nice dry spot but then as we begin to roll the clock forward into the day, we begin to see changes. weak area of low pressure developing over the tennessee valley and energy running up the coast. both areas coming together has we come into late tomorrow evening and early saturday. how well will they stay together. how much strength, how much
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wraparound precipitation. we don't know the hans to all the questions -- answer to all the questions, another slushy coating into early saturday. for now we stay in the dry slot. the only winter weather is in the great lakes, clipper system coming through. this will drip to the north. snow showers reaching into northern pennsylvania. the eyes will be on this weakened system. you see what happen as with go from the late friday nighttime frame into saturday. it strengthens late. the bulk of this heads out to sea. we could get more wraparound snow, potentially a couple inches of precipitation by the time this ends midday saturday. so keep it tuned here has we continue to tweak the forecast. tonight, though, none of that. 33 degrees, stary skies, very romantic. tomorrow 52 with sun early. tomorrow night snow begins as we
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go into the late overnight period into the daybreak time frame on saturday. there it s remember, 52 degrees on friday. so the ground temps will be warm as the precipitation starts. it will be early saturday if it hugs the coast where we could have enough cold air to create wet snow. all right. then we're colder, blustery, chilly conditions to finish out the weekend. you'll need the gear to keep yourself warm. so again, a putful val will be tine's evening but watching early saturday seeing what will happen there. >> how many stars will be out there tonight? >> thousands, beautiful a pink hue. >> thank you. oh, man, we have to talk about reality. superstorm sandy, devastated the east coast from south of us in baltimore through new york and new jersey. >> mike masco has the latest on a new report revealing the true cost of the super storm for the
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first time. >> that new report that came out this week does headline about superstorm sandy being the second costliest storm in the nation's history. as for the northeast states, it was the deadliest hurricane to hit this part of the country in 40 years. the national hurricane center attributed 70 u.s. deaths to sandy. more than 650,000 u.s. homes were damaged or destroyed by sandy. more than 8 million customers lost power. it dumped over a foot of rain in maryland with winds topping 90 miles an hour. so damage from stop sthup has topped $5 billion alone in the free state. here's a list of some of the costliest hurricanes. tuesday's report shows sandy's
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damage topping $50 billion, second to hurricane katrina which caused over $100 billion in damage. hurricane ike and andrew followed in third and fourth both costing $50 billion aloafnlt sandy -- alone. sandy was a new record. it would make this storm the strongest ever to reach north of north carolina in terms of intensity. it was stronger than the 1938 long island express. it represented through long island kelling over 700 people. we summarized it for you on mike masco. guys? parents with kids who play sports are constantly getting information about the dangers of concussion. >> there's a new bill that
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ignited a debate. lamont williams has the story. >> reporter: the national football league has taken the issue of concussion and the small term effects and placed them in the front of our awareness. sports programs are being educated on concussions. until now the focus has been on male sports. state delegate john cardin wants to include protection in women sports. the house bill with require all athletic associations to provide helmets to girls 19 and under playing la crosse. >> if you don't have any protection on your head, then a ball that is missed or a rogue stick can hit somebody. >> reporter: it's protected by stricter rules and less physical contact. men are outfitted with helmets. women only have dogles.
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>> how do we make sure we're doing everything we can to make sure that they're protected and that their parents feel as if they're put in an environment that's as safe as possible. >> look at the ncaa data, the 27 sports that they follow, women la crosse is in the lower third of overall injuries, very safe sport. >> reporter: the doctor said to put helmets in the game may have an adverse effect. >> unfortunately, sort of the seemingly simple answer of putting women in men's la crosse helmets and having them play a game that is more similar to men's la crosse will astronomically increase the injury burden for women for la crosse. >> reporter: so, is there a need for state law to decrease the chance for concussions. >> i understand where they're coming from with that. that may be part of the solution along with several other things that we're working on to get
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word out about how the game is played and how it needs to be coached and officiated and so forth. >> reporter: certainly we don't want to interfere with the integrity of the game. we need to make sure the discussion is pushed and people are taking seriously the discussion of injuries in girl's sports as well. >> reporter: in baltimore, i'm lamont williams, abc2 news. >> we've been looking at the problem of concussions in youth sports with a special section here at you can find more of the debate on helmets and also you can find out do you note signs of a concussion, the legal battle over concussions and also there's a phone app that helps diagnose concussions. it is the best resource in town, one of the very first signs you should look for on the field. whole ab updated it. the concussion guide is at
5:51 pm kelly? now to an update on the breaking news we brought you on good morning maryland. the olympian who became a hero to millions has been arrested for murder. we have more on how his girlfriend ended up dead. >> reporter: oscar pistorius was the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. remember this when he exchanged his number with the man who beat him during the 2012 olympic relay in london. this morning a different picture of the man known around the world as blade runner. under arrest and charged with murdering his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. steenkamp had recently appeared on the cover of hm. during the early morning hours
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she was found dead in pistorius' home, shot four times. police wouldn't confirm the motive but said this went the -- wasn't the first time domestic disturbances were reported in the home. >> reporter: her friend next door. >> always willing to listen to you and give you advice. i don't feel like it's real yet. >> reporter: just yesterday steenkamp tweeted about her excitement for valentine's day. what do you have up your sleeve for your love, she tweeted. she said it should be a day of love for everyone. may it be blessed. south african police said they will oppose any application for bail. reporting from on done. so how do you spend your valentine's day if your significant other is evading the law? you could ditch them for a bekay
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of flowers if they're one of queen anne's county most wanted. >> if you give us information, the first tip that leads us to the arrest of our most wanted valentine, i will personally give you a dozen roses as well as -- >> on top of the roses the sheriff will also send you a personalized valentine's day card. he made the offer last year in a similar youtube video, but no takers. more than a week after a teen was stabbed to death follows the ravens parade, the family waits for an arrest. >> we'll introduce you to our honda athlete of the week, gavin ross. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. irene, drop the itch.
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we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicinĀ®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. drop the itch with maximum strength scalpicinĀ®. also available scalpicinĀ® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control.
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flowers, chocolate, cards. valentine's day, it as all about the love. >> we have a breakdown by the numbers. >> reporter: you don't need to live in romance arkansas or valentine, texas to fill the love. 62% of the adults said they celebrate it. many people buy stuff, candy stuff, cards, jewelry, flowers, those little hearts that say "i do." the average person will drop $130. men will shell out between $150, $175 about twice as women. many who procrastinate may find
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themselves in flower shops. afterward, likely a french restaurant or a cupcake shop, two popular places to celebrate love. here's another way, sustained smooching. lip locked lovers in thailand are going for the record. two people actually killed that long. will their re man tick record be broken up -- romantic record be broken up? >> taking notes? >> that's nice smooching. listen, you can get a val will be tine's -- valentine's meal. there's a catch. if you smooch your sweetie, you get a second meal free. it doesn't have to be your date
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either. you can kiss anyone. will kiss for food. >> q do ba isn't the only place. red box is offering a free dvd rental. quiznos is offering a free toasted cookie and ruby's tuesday wants you to consider them for a re man tick meal -- romantic meal. in sickness and in health there are two pooches committed for life. >> that story and more coming up at six, which starts right now.

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